Fake Positive Ratings Online

While I am on a roll complaining about Yelp removing negative reviews (see this post), I  received this spam comment on this site today:


After flagging this as spam, I went to their site at Get Positive Ratings and was astonished.

First I noticed that the site is littered with strange grammar issues. I suspect the site originates somewhere in Asia, based on the grammar. Just see their front page (red arrow):



Don’t you want to be they’re choice?

When this got my attention, I went clicking around and found their pricing:


For only $49 a month, they will post 15 reviews about your business every month. If you want to spend $999 a month, you’ll get a whopping 680 positive reviews per month. You can go out and buy the Turbo package for $2,999 per month – wow.

All fake, of course.

Scroll down and find “Informations” below the prices.

Then I was curious and went to the FAQ section. Read above what they say about whether anyone can tell the reviews are not real.



So here is their business model: They are selling openly fake reviews to hapless businesses.

Ahhh, this would be a great solution for the unfortunate Union Street Guest House!


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