An American Shelf in London

American Shelf
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An American who lives in London posted this picture he took in his supermarket.

“American – food from home” rings really true to me. It’s all here: pop-tarts, Jif peanut butter, maple syrup, lots of different M&M products, Butterfingers, marshmallows, Twinkies, Oreos and a large variety of Hershey’s.

Normally you cannot find any of these items in England, or Germany, and I am sure many other European countries.

After a few days in Europe, and getting only European food, I have many a time craved a simple PB&J sandwich.

Even though I don’t actually use many of those products (for instance Twinkies or Hershey chocolate – which Europeans despise), just looking at the familiar brands would give me a warm feeling when living in culture shock.

Pop-tarts anyone?

One thought on “An American Shelf in London

  1. trishalandoni

    Where is the red licorice? I can’t say I’d buy any of these products here at home….but I agree, given that these would be my only option, I might break down.

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