Indian Mars Mission Cheaper than the Movie Gravity

Prime Minister Modi of India spoke after the Indian PSLV (polar satellite launch vehicle) C-23 launch. India launched a mission to Mars last year at a cost of $73 million. In comparison, the budget for the Hollywood movie Gravity with Sandra Bullock and George Clooney was over $100 million. So Modi was not exaggerating.

India has a large population of highly qualified engineers who work at a fraction of the cost of their Western colleagues. The country is good at copying and adapting space technology for its own needs. Western nations sanctioned India in 1974 after its nuclear weapons tests. In response, the country was forced to develop its own missile technology. So in a way, Western sanctions sponsored their progress.

I say, congratulations, India. Nice job. We make movies. You build rockets.

Disclaimer: I liked Gravity a lot. See my own review here.

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