IRS Missed Deadline

Yes, I didn’t say I missed an IRS deadline – which always comes to mind when reading the two words IRS and Deadline together.

According to this article in the, the IRS has 110,000 computers running Windows, and only 52,000 of those have been upgraded to Windows 7. The other ones are still running Windows XP.

The problem is that Windows XP is now retired and no longer supported by Microsoft. The IRS, as well as the rest of the tech community, has known about this deadline since 2008. They blame budget cuts for the delays in upgrading.

Now they will have to pay Microsoft for very expensive “custom support” to eventually upgrade those machines, or buy new ones altogether.

It must be nice to be a company that can push the IRS around. It took Microsoft almost 40 years to get to that position, but apparently, they have arrived.

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