Banning Tesla

New Jersey, after Arizona and Texas, has banned the sale of Tesla cars under the excuse that it’s for ‘consumer protection.’

Here is a creative, innovative and game-changing company that invented a unique product, brought it to market, manufactures that product in America, creating American jobs, and they are banned from selling their product on three states so far.

What happened to the free market trumpeting that we keep hearing from the conservative side? The market apparently is self regulating when it comes to oil pipelines, coal power plants, cattle ranches, corn farmers, natural gas drillers, insurance companies and banks.

But when a new car company arises that builds the highest ever rated car we need the government to regulate where and how it can sell that car?

It’s ludicrous. People who want to buy a Tesla in New Jersey will simply travel to another state to get theirs. And then come back over the George Washington bridge. When they stand in traffic, their engines will be off, and they won’t be polluting.

Tesla will succeed in spite of scaredy-cat regulatory protectionism.

4 thoughts on “Banning Tesla

  1. Just another kind of corporate welfare here. And another example of conservative hypocrisy, just cherry-picking laws and principles you like, and ignoring those you don’t like.

  2. Anonymous

    Bring on the regulation — free advertising for Tesla!
    People can ban a product but not the idea.
    It’s just another lash-out by dying unevolved minds.

    Just VOTE them out of office.

    1. I like the “unevolved” minds thing!

      Holding up progress with regulation works only for a short time, I agree. That’s nowadays, anyway.

      In the middle ages, the Catholic church managed to hold things up for centuries at a time.

  3. Anonymous

    As for as I’m concerned, every stupid thing the fundamentalist and GOP do and say is great — shows them up for what they are. Obama has been to be the poultice that brings all that poison to the surface.

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