Bill Gates to Bring Cool Back to Microsoft

Bill Gates [photocredit Borowitz Report]
With the announcement of Microsoft’s new CEO, Satya Nadella, the company did some more restructuring. Bill Gates is coming back to take a more active role as technology adviser.

Since Steve Ballmer was blamed for lack of vision and sluggish execution, causing much of Microsoft’s decline, I concur that having Gates back inside the company, working technology, should be very helpful to the new CEO – perhaps.

On his very first day back on the job, Gates tried to install Windows 8.1 on his laptop, upgrading from Windows 7. But he couldn’t do it for several hours. He got Nadella to help. Still, by noon, no success. After some choice expletives, they both gave up and Gates will stay on Windows 7 for now.

I know what that’s like. I have needed help installing many a Microsoft product in my career. I can already tell, having Gates back at work at Microsoft will be great for the company. At least the install programs will be working soon!

This reminds me of what Steve Jobs supposedly said when he came back to Apple in 1996 when the company was close to bankruptcy. When his team asked him what he thought the problem was, he said: “The products suck!”

I can just see it:

Bill Gates returned to the company and he saw that the products sucked.

And Bill Gates said: Let there be cool products. And there were cool products.

And Bill Gates said: Let there be a cool CEO with a hoodie. And there was a cool CEO with a hoodie.

Satya Nadella [photocredit: The Frontline]


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