You Are the Product at Facebook

Facebook stock has jumped recently due to better than expected earnings. The site is riding high, and people are getting very rich from it. But it’s free, right?

Nothing is free in this world. Especially online. Always remember, if you are on a website and you are not paying for it, you are the product.

You Are the Product

I have recently paid a little more attention to the ads Facebook presents to me on the right side of the screen. That’s where it makes its money. And what is going on there has annoyed me. Here are today’s ads with my commentary:

Facebook Ads1

Remember, if a website is free, you are the product. The site is after your private data, which is sells to hucksters that are looking to make money by selling fun, xex and love.

Does Facebook really think men my age respond to this stuff? Apparently they do, because as I stated above, their earnings recently have jumped and the only way they can jump is if users like me click on these ads and then buy stuff.

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