Should I Get Unemployment Benefits?

I started working and paying taxes 35 years ago, and I have paid unemployment insurance taxes with every paycheck. In all those years, I have never been unemployed for even a day. I have never been laid off, I never quit a job, never been downsized. I guess I have been lucky, employed in an industry of need, employed by companies that could afford to keep me.

My point is, I paid in a lot of unemployment taxes over the years and I have not used a penny yet.

Not. One. Penny.

Suppose, for whatever reason, I lose my job today, and I have to go on unemployment before I can find another one. Suppose at my age of 57, it won’t be so easy, and it takes me more than 26 weeks.

I would be insulted and disgusted if I heard Senator Rand Paul insinuate that it would be better for me if I didn’t get benefits after 26 weeks, since statistics said that I would just continue milking the situation sitting on my couch.

I would be insulted and disgusted by right-wing talking heads calling me lazy and unmotivated.

Every unemployed person I have ever met wants nothing more than a job.

What planet are we raising these politicians on?

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