Our Brown Southern California

The average rainfall in San Diego is 10.34 inches per year. In 2013, we only had 5.57 inches, just about half of normal.

As most of the nation is deeply stuck in ice and snow right now, I was able to go on a bike ride in 84 degree F weather this afternoon. Here are some pictures of what this side of the country looks like. [click to enlarge photos]


Here is a shot of our neighborhood from a bike path. Normally all the hills are green at this time of the year. But this year we haven’t seen any rain worth mentioning yet.


Another view. Not a green blade of grass.


This is a pedestrian and bike bridge across Lake Hodges. The post in the middle is about 30 feet tall. When this was built about five or six years ago the lake was full. There was a barge with a crane that helped construction. They had to dig a dry well, pump out the water, to put in the two concrete posts. It cost $11 million at the time. They could have waited until now, and it would have been much cheaper, since they could just drive the cement trucks down there. When the lake is full, the water comes up about two thirds on that post.


The view from the bride, now standing right on top of where that post is, facing west. In the very distance there is still a trace of water visible in Lake Hodges. What we see below is usually under 20 feet of water. Fishermen drive their motor boats around down there. There is even a sign on the bridge that says “No Fishing From Bridge.”

And now I am going to work that rain stick for a while.

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