Welcome to the Priushood – Take Two

It’s been a couple of months of driving the Prius now and I have come to two conclusions:

1. I love the gas mileage. In my old car, I could drive about 350 miles on a tank of gas, and it took about $65 to $70 to fill it up. In the Prius, I can drive between 450 and 500 miles on a tank, and I cannot squeeze more than $30 into it at the gas station. So my gas mileage is 2.5 times better than it was.

2. I noticed that Priuses are the favorite kind of taxi now. I recently traveled and used taxis, and I noticed that two-thirds of all taxis seem to be Priuses. There were a few lines at airports in California where I looked down the line and saw not a single taxi that was NOT a Prius. When I googled for this, I found that the Prius is not only tough enough to be used as a taxi, each one saves 5,000 gallons of gas a year.

Welcome to the Priushood.


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