New Form of Humor – Text Autocorrects

There is a byproduct of our technological society that nobody could have purposely invented or even foreseen: Autocorrect fails.

Just google “autocorrect fails” and you get pages and pages of hilarious autocorrect disasters. This is just one example. Try to read this and not crack up.

Of course, I wonder how real those are. However, I have, myself, sent some embarrassing messages and received some doozies where I literally didn’t understand what they meant.

Not too many years ago “texting” didn’t exist. Now it has spawned a totally new type of humor, one that depends on one person’s typing mistakes and one machine’s attempt at interpretation. In addition, we have determined that texting in cars causes significantly more accidents than drunk driving does.

<End of Message>

Beginning of marvelous rumination:

If you are over 50 years old, turn the clock in your mind back to 30 years ago. Imagine reading the above message, before my <End of Message> tag, in the year 1983 or before. You wound not even be able to understand what that whole thing was about. Words like autocorrect, google, and texting would have made no sense at all. Concepts like doing something like texting in cars would have been inconceivable. Humor caused by human mistakes and machine interpretation would have been gibberish.

How the world has changed!

We don’t have flying cars and colonies on the moon. But we do have autocorrect fails.

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