Feeding at the Federal Trough

There is much discussion these days about Obama spending and that the Federal Government is spending more money than it takes in. Obama is getting blamed for that. It’s Obama’s fault that the debt is now at $17 trillion. It’s Obama’s fault that food stamps distributions are at an all-time high.

Reading a great article about Feeding at the Federal Trough, I realized that the states where anti-federal government, anti-tax fervor is greatest are also the states that benefit the most from federal tax money and spending policies from Washington, D.C.

While Alabama is one of the top five most conservative states in the country on many measures, it receives $1.61 back in federal money for every $1 it sends to Washington. Then there is New Jersey, which receives back 62 cents for every dollar it sends to the Federal Government.

The same senators that voted against aid for New Jersey after super storm Sandy are now requesting aid for Colorado, their state, after the recent flooding disasters.

Oh the hypocrisy.

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