No More Wars

The world has to listen to American saber-rattling once again. This time it’s Obama who has got himself into the unenviable position of having drawn a line in the sand which has subsequently been crossed. What to do?

We are not learning from history. We get involved in foreign countries that:

  1. We don’t understand
  2. Don’t respect us
  3. Don’t want us there
  4. See us as the imperialists which we obviously are.

Then we kill many innocent people by using massive and blunt weapons (of mass destruction).

Afterwards, we try to rebuild nations amidst enemies of all creeds.

Above all, we’re spending billions of dollars we don’t have, money you and I pay in taxes every month.

We did it in Korea, Vietnam, the Balkans, Kuwait, Iraq, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya – and those are only the ones I can think of right now.

We just need to stop messing with the problems of other countries that we can’t fix and don’t understand.

Of course, to be fair, I have contradict myself here:

Hitler could easily have been stopped in the years between 1935  and 1939, when the British, the French and the U.S. were dilly-dallying, trying to stay out of a war that could easily have been prevented by ousting a dictator, a war that eventually cost over 50 million lives.

Is the right solution to oust another dictator?

4 thoughts on “No More Wars

  1. Most days I can barely read the news, much less understand it, or decide what should be done. It does seem odd, though, that bankrupt Detroit will receive less federal aid than Somalia and 32 other countries. Who is setting priorities?
    Is there some secret agenda to get rid of the poor, one inner city abandonment at a time?

  2. Yes. We hear what we are allowed to know. Cynical? You bet.
    Years of radioactivity leaking from Japan. Shame!
    If only all the lying we are exposed to as Truth made us individually
    want to be better, more ethical people. Perhaps it does, for a few.

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