High Heat for AFS

Last Sunday three AFS exchange students, who are in San Diego for the summer to learn English, spent the day with us. We took them on a tough hike up and down Mt. Woodson. Here we are at the entry to the hike, with Trisha and the three boys, from China, Turkey and Italy.

High Heat

After the hike, they cooled off in the pool, then Trisha took them to the mall. Yes, the boys from Europe liked the mall and our low prices, but the boy from China said that things were too expensive. We told him that’s because everything in the mall is from China. They wanted donuts – something Europeans see in the movies and don’t ever get. So a trip to the world-renowned Peterson’s Donuts in Escondido and a full box to take back to the dorm with them took care of that urge. After a BBQ dinner, we ended the day with a board game.

Everyone should spend some time with foreign students – it really spins our perspective.

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