Movie Review: The Heat

TheHeatThe Heat was exactly what I expected it would be: A trite comedy about maverick cops and a presumably silly, incompetent law enforcement establishment, ridiculing the DEA, FBI and the local Boston police.

There were car chases, shootouts with drug rings where the criminals were all idiots and plenty of badass chick-cop tricks, both on the law enforcement hierarchy as well as the street thugs.

I went to see The Heat because it was the highest rated movie playing of all the candidates of the current dismal offerings of summer movies.

It was funny at times, very slapstick-like funny, definitely designed to appeal to a teenage audience. Most of the best scenes had already been played in the trailers for weeks ahead of the opening. So if you saw the trailers, you saw most of the funny parts of the movie.

There was no redeeming value other than entertainment for nothing but the joy of entertainment.

On a Friday night, the movie theater was packed, however, so I presume that a lot of people had a pretty good time.

Rating * 1/2

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