The NSA Killed the Cloud

Google argues it has a First Amendment right to publish the numbers of data requests it gets from the NSA. The government is denying them that right.

Now, why is this so difficult? What’s wrong with publishing nothing but numbers? Well, it may seem kind of silly to you, but the government argues that even publishing the exact number of data requests it sends would put the nation in danger. Google isn’t asking to publish any specific requests nor is it asking to reveal inner workings of its relationship with the NSA. Google is only asking to publish some numbers, and that has thus far proven to be incredibly difficult.

I don’t know about you, but I think that the NSA has just killed the concept of the Cloud. Up until recently, I was not worried about having hundreds of emails out there in my gmail account. I didn’t hesitate putting photographs on Facebook. That has changed in the last few weeks.

I have thought much more carefully about how I use my iPhone. At my company, just recently, I had staff investigate the Amazon Cloud services as an alternative to hosting our systems. I no longer feel very comfortable with that idea. I was considering using an online backup service for the data on my computer. It’s now out of the question. I was thinking about signing up for a password safe storage system. No longer.

I have nothing to hide, but I have very serious concerns about the outrageous behavior of our current government and how it treats its own citizenry. Having some dude in a data center read my emails, listen to my phone calls and shuffle through my files anytime he wants to is not acceptable to me.

The fact that Obama is allowing this to go on is outrageous. I voted for Obama. I would not vote for him now. This slippery slide into police state conditions will be the downfall of Obama’s legacy. He is losing his base – he has lost me.

Would Romney have handled this differently? Not a chance. I would not trust a religious zealot of Mormonism any more than I would trust a religious zealot of Islam.

Hitler blamed world Jewry for Europe’s problems. Then he convinced more than half of the population of Germany to buy into his insanity, got himself elected into power and started ignoring the German constitution within days of taking over the office of chancellor. Then he plunged the world into one of its darkest, most vile periods, where the people were totally stripped of all their rights.

Similarly, Obama, and Bush and cronies before him, are blaming “terrorism” for all our ailments and use that to justify trampling on the rights of all Americans. And we’re comfortably numb enough to let it happen. Snowden spoke out, and a good portion of Americans are calling him a traitor – just what our government wants us to do.

Step one – kill the Cloud. Done

This cannot end well.

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