Imaginary Movie: Delayed


This is a whole new type of art!

Somebody, in some unnamed airport, sat on the floor across from these two people. They were strangers. He noticed that they had been talking animatedly for over an hour, and took this clandestine picture. He never knew who the two strangers were. The two never knew that their picture was taken.

He then posted the picture on Reddit, and it climbed to the top of the first page this morning. There was lively discussion and speculation which you can see here.

Then, somebody else turned it into an imaginary movie and created the poster above. See the discussion here.

These two strangers undoubtedly went on their flights, their separate paths, most likely never to meet again. Maybe they exchanged names, maybe not. The person who took the picture does not know who they are, and they don’t know of his existence.

Yet, if they search the Internet with the right keywords, or if they browse in Reddit today, they will be utterly astonished about their role at the very top slot of a popular website.

The art of a moment in time, forever frozen.

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