Attacks on Embassies – Benghazi and Karachi

The Republicans argue that the Obama administration should have anticipated the Benghazi attack not only because it happened on September 11, but also because officials already knew “this particular consulate was a potential threat.

Dick Cheney, in a recent interview, agreed with that premise. He admitted that the Benghazi facility had never come under attack before, but Libya was a ”hotbed of terrorist training.”

I agree that the Benghazi attack was a very unfortunate event, and nobody is happy about it. But I do not agree that we’re still, more than six months after, getting this old news regurgitated by our government on almost a daily basis.

Let’s just recall another “hotbed of terrorist training” – Pakistan.

Muslim extremists attacked the U.S. Consulate in Karachi, Pakistan in 2002. Twelve people died then. There was another attack in 2003 when two more people died. Then there was an attempt of a car bomb in 2004 that fortunately did not succeed. Finally, in 2006, the same terrorist group attacked that same facility again in 2006.

Where was the Bush administration then, when they should have been, as Cheney blames Obama, “locked and loaded, ready to go?”

Oh my, how quickly we forget history. Of course, according to Republicans now, there were no terrorist attacks during the Bush administration, since they were already “locked and loaded.”

Only 9/11, and about four attacks on Karachi.

But that’s so long ago, who would remember?

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