Never Forget that 9/11 Happened Under Bush’s Watch

Republicans in Congress and the talking heads keep pounding on Obama and what happened in Benghazi. Four people died, the shame, the conspiracy!

Yet, 9/11 happened under Bush’s watch. There was clear intelligence that the CIA and FBI had previous warnings about a terrorist attack in September 2001. Yet, Bush got propelled into hero status and was given outlandish rights, to wage war and to remove the freedoms of U.S. citizens. He never had to testify in front of Congress about how 9/11 could have happened.

Not four people died, but some 3,000. Yet we’re pounding on Obama. Bush was never made accountable.

Furthermore, the talking heads keep saying how many terrorist attacks reached their targets under Obama, listing the underwear bomber, and others, including now the Boston Marathon bombing.

The talking heads keep saying that Bush had no terror attacks.


Only the mother of all attacks!

Have we forgotten that Bush’s term started in January of 2001, not on September 12, 2001?

Let’s subpoena Bush and Cheney and have them testify on 9/11.

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    We are still pounding on Obama and Clinton for how they handled Benghazi. Supposedly our government was incompetent. O’Reilly suggested today that Clinton was negligent because she was not present in the Oval Office when Obama was briefed on the attack. This reminded me of this post I wrote over a year ago. It is as true and authentic today as it was then.

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