Facemakers for Korean Beauties

KoreanFacesLook at these Korean women. Do they not all look very similar? It’s almost like looking at the same model, using different hair styles, makeup and clothes.

They are actually all in the same Korean beauty pageant.

We Westerners say that all Asians “look the same,” don’t we?

This is because they all get the exact same plastic surgeries and the surgeons follow the same formulas for noses and eyes and everything else they had done, including fillers, cheek implants, forehead implants, eye jobs, nose jobs, jaw reduction, breast jobs, calf muscle implants, and fat grafting. Every single one of them has had nose and eye surgery.  Even the makeup they use is the same.

Apparently, Koreans can’t tell them apart either.  They are jokingly referred to as “Samsung Robots.”

Once they become mothers, however, the problem will be that none of their daughters will look anything like them. They’ll have their natural faces.

I am really thankful that I am not a Korean Beauty.

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