This Will Make You Sick: Ohio Dairy Farm Brutality

Here is a video that will make you sick to your stomach. If you don’t an hour to watch, just wind forward to 1:00 minutes, watch the video and you will be crushed by the brutality of these – I can’t come up with another word: BRUTES.

One of the Most Brutal Things You Have Seen.

wind forward to 1:00:00

Go ahead now, have a steak.


2 thoughts on “This Will Make You Sick: Ohio Dairy Farm Brutality

  1. I have to disagree here though. Spend the time. Watch the whole thing.
    I’m just as much an omnivore as anyone. And, I must admit, I’m not as swayed by the inflammatory images as he might wish. I know many farmers who are as considerate of their charges as possible.
    Whatever choices you make regarding your diet, there is not a single claim this man makes that I can find any evidence in contradiction of,
    To be honest, of all that he presents …. Look into his claims about the physiological structure of the human body.
    “Food” for thought.
    Thanks for sharing this Norbert!

  2. Excellent feedback! However, picking up a calf and throwing it on the concrete, the kicking it and stepping on its head, is the part that makes me sick.

    I am sure there are thousands of considerate farmers, but I am sure that there must be many who are not. Frankly, ONE is enough for me to arouse anger.

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