Badass Trees – Silk Floss Trees

On a walk around our neighborhood in Escondido on Bear Valley Parkway, we came across some badass trees in the median separating the lanes. They have thick, bulging trunks, and huge, 1- 3 inch long, hard, sharp thorns. You would not want to have one of these in your backyard, because if you ever stumbled during a game of catch and ran into this tree, you’d die of loss of blood long before you could be taken to the emergency room. Here is a section of trunk:

badass trunk

Another view from the other side:

badass trunk 2

Looking up along the trunk:

badass looking up

They are nestled between other ordinary trees.

badass placement

There it is, in the middle. There are cotton pods (from last year) in the crown. In March, they don’t have any leaves yet. I’ll have to document it later, when they bloom and have leaves.

badass pods

Here is a closer view of the pods.

badass pods 2

Here are some pods that are still closed up, the cotton hasn’t popped yet.

badass cotton

Here is what the stuff looks like close-up at home.

Researching these trees, I found that they are called Silk Floss Trees. Check this link out for some really good pictures.

To me, they are just Badass Trees.

3 thoughts on “Badass Trees – Silk Floss Trees

  1. Sophia Conwell

    I have a beautiful silk floss tree in my back yard & adore its thorns & flowers! I make necklaces & ear rings out of its thorns <3

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