Movie Review: Transit


The Sidwell family of four in the South goes on a camping vacation in Louisiana. The father, Nate (Jim Caviezel), has just gotten out of jail where he spent 18 months after a tax evasion conviction. He has lost the respect of this family, and particularly that of his teenage son. The trip means a lot to him as a way to get this family back together and just spend some quality time. The SUV is packed,  and the camping gear is strapped to the roof rack.

In a parallel story line, four murderous thugs just stole four million dollars in cash in a heist. The money is in the trunk of their hot rod car. The police has set up roadblocks out of town.

As bad luck happens, the Sidwell family SUV is parked next to the hot rod at a roadside gas station and convenience store. When the family is occupied in the store, the thugs take one of the duffel bags off the SUV, empty the camping gear into their trunk, stuff the cash into the duffel bag and stash it back on top of the SUV. This seems like a great idea to get the money through the upcoming roadblock. All the thugs now have to do it meet up with the Sidwells later and take the duffel bag off the top of the car.

But things are never that simple. Very bad guys and an innocent family end up in an all-out war.

Transit is an action-packed movie, full of devious violence. There really are just eight actors, the family and the four thugs, driving back and forth in the swamps of Louisiana. There is no redeeming message, but decent acting and a somewhat plausible plot. The suspense builds as the story escalates.

It kept me watching and interested all the way through, even though sometimes the shooting and driving got somewhat repetitive.

Rating: **

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