South African President Zuma

23thorns, a fellow blogger from South Africa [make sure you check out his unique blog] alerted me to the biography is their president, the polygamist Jacob Gedleyihlekisa Zuma:

Our president has four wives, was accused of raping the HIV positive daughter of a major political ally, impregnated the daughter of a major sports figure, had a financial advisor who was sent to jail for having a corrupt relationship with him (before being released on compassionate grounds because he had high blood pressure), and is currently spending over 200 million of taxpayer’s money on his private home. American politics is just so dull in comparison!

This got my attention. He also has at twenty children, at least – nobody knows for sure.

Here Obama is in the illustrious company of Zuma, and “one of his wives” – she is not even named in the photograph. But check out those heels!


Just reading the Wikipedia of Zuma is an experience.

And here we are, making a fuss about Petraeus sleeping with a consenting biographer. Look at the company Obama keeps!

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  1. I just checked out that Wikipedia page. Wow. As South Africans, we know all this stuff, but to see it in black and white like that kind of takes your breath away.

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