Guns by Country

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Guns by Country

In the United States, we have 5% of the world’s population, but 50% of the world’s guns.

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  1. From the Wikipedia page where this was found:
    “The ownership rate reported is the average estimate taken from “Annexe 4: The largest civilian firearms arsenals for 178 countries. That table gives also the minimum and maximum estimates. Note that for some countries, this margin of error is considerable. E.g. Yemen, ranked near the top with an ownership rate of 54.8, has a low estimate of 28.6 and a high estimate of 81.1. While the United States is ranked for the highest gun ownership rate unambiguously, Yemen based on the margin of error may rank anywhere between 2nd and 18th, Switzerland anywhere between 2nd and 16th.”

    I’m not really sure what the intent is here. Are you saying that since we own the most guns per person legally, that is a bad thing? Are you saying, our higher-than-many crime rate is due to being at the top of this list?

    This link actually shows El Salvador as the country with the highest firearm-related death rate, but El Salvador is ranked 92 for the amount of guns legally owned by residents.

    Again, not sure what your intent is here, but figured I’d point some things out…

    1. I am not saying anything that the chart isn’t saying. The chart indicates, with reasonable accuracy, the gun-ownership by country by capita. As a separate statistic, based on the size of the US, is that we have 5% of the world’s population and 50% of the guns. These are just statistics, not opinions.

      The reader should decide what conclusions, if any, to draw.

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