The Human Face of Big Data

I just participated in the survey The Human Face of Big Data and this caught my eye:

2.73 million people are included in this survey. Of course, they are all app-heads, techies and hipsters that know how to use an iPad.

Don’t show this to Romney. It will spoil his day.

6 thoughts on “The Human Face of Big Data

  1. CG

    Meh. Self-reported data. And how well does the population sampled represent the electorate at large? This and ~$2 will buy a grande coffee at Starbucks,

    1. I don’t seriously think this is a real poll! It’s not my intention in this post to indicate a real poll. Of course it’s not the electorate at large. But isn’t it bizarre that all the self-reporting wonks pick Obama? Why does that happen?

      That’s the point I thought I was making. 🙂

      1. CG

        I could’ve been clearer in my response. First, all votes are self-reported, obviously, so that’s not a problem. (As the sage Homer Simpson would say, “D’oh!”) On reflection, what I wonder about is whether somebody can vote multiple times? So could you have zealous Obama partisans voting several times? That does, of course, go back to your theme:why would the Obama partisans would be more prone to do that? A very interesting question!

        By the way, I had not seen Human Face of Big Data before, and I like it a lot! Thanks for pointing that site out!

      2. You could do that multiple times, I guess, but what would be the point? This one question is only a minute item in a lot of interesting information, it just struck me. Why don’t Romney supporters play with such apps as much? It’s a gap, like the Hispanic gap, the black gap, etc. It’s the tech appie-gap.

    1. It only gave those two options. Would you vote for Obama or Romney. This obviously does not represent the electorate. It just shows that three quarters of those people that download apps on mobile devices and are interested in big data experiments vote Obama by a landslide. Obviously, that too means that there appear to be a lot less mobile tech users in red states.

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