Cogito Ergo Deus Non Est

On the way home from Home Depot a bumper sticker on the car in front of me caught my eye:

Cogito Ergo Deus Non Est

I venture to say that 99% of Americans cannot read Latin. I only know one other American I know who can, and I know more than 100 people. I might have missed one or two of you that are clandestine Latin readers, if so, please correct me.

No matter how small the percentage actually is, the efficacy of this bumper sticker is severely limited.

Here is what it says:

I think, therefore there is no God


13 thoughts on “Cogito Ergo Deus Non Est

      1. Mary – Joachim said the DOESN’T read new sci fi. He’s a 50 and 60ies sci fi expert. D.O.D.O won’t be his expertise, other than it having a lot of history in it.

  1. Dustyn

    It’s actually translated correctly (or nearly) by non-latin speaking people because it’s a play on the more common “Cogito, ergo sum (I think there I am)”. While i don’t speak latin, I’m aware of many popular phrases written/spoken in latin.
    P.S. I, too, have this sticker on my car.

  2. Mary Barnes

    I don’t consider myself a Latin speaker, but I was able to translate this by combining two phrases I do know: “Cogito, ergo sum” and “Deus ex machine”

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