Working Late and Hard in America

In Forbes Life Sept 2012, page 44  – T. Boone Pickens says:

Oh, my, how the world has changed since the fifties! Can you imagine a security guard telling an employee today that they had their eye on him because it wasn’t the first time he’d been working late?

I grew up in Germany, a country where entitlement is ingrained in the culture. Six weeks of paid summer vacation is an entitlement and it’s taken seriously. Nobody dares challenge an entitlement.

I left that country at age 20 to live in the United States, where I have had only one vacation where I had two and a half consecutive weeks off; I still remember that was in July 1997. Otherwise it’s been one week at a time. I also don’t remember working just 40 hour weeks since 1980. And I choose that, I am proud of that, and I am happy that way.

I have never been one of the 47 percenters, since I pay lots of income tax, but I feel insulted on behalf of them nonetheless.

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