Movie Review: Bridesmaids


That’s what the movie title says. And just look at this picture! And pay attention to what you’ve heard about the movie.


So what possessed me to actually watch it? A long drive from Southern California through the central valley to Fresno, part of it in the dark, tired me out. Trying to get the road-buzz out of the system, brain dead for nothing  else, flipping through the channels, here was Bridesmaids.

Both Rotten Tomatoes and Ebert gave the movie a surprisingly high rating. One girl is getting married and she is asking her best friends to be the bridesmaids. The story is about getting ready for the wedding, and interestingly, the groom is almost non-existent in the story. It’s a female The Hangover movie, and it’s actually done quite well. It kept me captivated, laughing, interested and I loosely followed the plot without making much effort. If I’d missed some detail, it would not have mattered, since the story is not really important here, it’s all the side stories that count.

Some scenes are over the top. There is plenty of bathroom humor, literally, when all six women at once get the set-on of food poisoning and run to the only bathroom in sight, a single-holer. There is one scene where one of the girls gets upset in an airplane and decides to pick a fight with a flight attendant. Ok, I can go with the flow.

I am glad I didn’t pay $10.50 for the privilege of watching Bridesmaids, and must say that women will enjoy this more than men, but in the end, it’s actually a pretty good movie and reasonable entertainment.

Rating: ** 1/2

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