When Did Obama Apologize?

Since 2009 I have wondered where all the claims about Obama apologizing come from. I have never seen him apologize for anything. But after it’s repeated often enough, and by enough different people of influence, the dumbed-down public starts believing it.

This is like Bush and Cheney, for months on end, linking Iraq and Saddam to 9/11 and telling us there were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. In the end we all believed it, totally fabricated as it was, and we approved going into an expensive war. This war cost a trillion dollars that is now contributing to the national debt that we blame Obama for. Yet it was committed before Obama was even in the Senate or knew he would ever run for president (we has a lowly Illinois State Senator until Nov 4, 2004).

But the dumbed-down public also has no long-term memory, so that all is forgotten.

Now Mitt Romney, for political gains, perpetuates a glaring falsehood by repeating “Obama apologized for American values” to crowds over and over again, since it gets applause.

Here is a good Fact-Check analysis of the Obama Apology-Gate.

Somebody show me a statement or video of Obama apologizing for anything.


2 thoughts on “When Did Obama Apologize?

  1. DogWalksMan

    I thought Bill Clinton was the first to claim WMD in Iraq since the Gulf War. And I believe you can still find the.apology videos.on youtube – unless Owebama had them sealed, too.

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