Romney’s Political Suicide

The day McCain announced Palin as a running mate he lost my vote. I had vetted McCain, read his book and biography, and generally liked to see a veteran and former prisoner of war clean up our messed up situation in the Middle East. I had respect for him. Picking Palin showed incredible lack of judgment. End of story. I voted for Obama. I have my issues with that too, but I have never regretted making sure Palin did not become vice president. McCain’s downfall was Palin. I am sure of it.

Now Romney picked Paul Ryan, one of the most radical right-wing members of congress, an ideological zealot and a tea-party poster-boy.

My choice this November has just been made easy. Do you think I want Ryan to be vice president, or the solid, smart, working-class and humble Biden?

Take a wild guess.

2 thoughts on “Romney’s Political Suicide

  1. DogWalksMan

    McCain was a RINO. Palin is far more conservative and much more qualified for the job. She was the only one intellectually equipped to take on Obama-Biden but was placed on a leash by McCain.

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