Book Review: Tape Sucks – by Frank Slootman

I met the author of this book, Frank Slootman, at a CEO roundtable meeting perhaps a year ago or so. These meetings are quite effective, since there are only some 15 to 25 participants present, along with a moderator and a guest. Frank sat right across from me at the table, and I was thoroughly impressed with his no-nonsense approach to business and his candid, quick wit.

The told the group that he had written a “small book” about his experience at Data Domain, the backup company that got its name by the slogan “Tape Sucks” in the mid 2000s. He took over as CEO in 2003, and the company was doing over $1 billion in business a year when it was sold to EMC, their arch competitor, in 2009.

Obviously, Data Domain is a great technology success story, and his book, Tape Sucks, tells the story, from beginning to end. He writes like he speaks, minus the Dutch accent. The book is a quick read and full of nuggets of wisdom from a guy who has been there.

The audience for the book are:

  • Current CEOs of startups
  • CEOs of companies that want to grow from 20 people to 1000
  • Entrepreneurs that want to start a technology company of any type

I enjoyed this book thoroughly and I found myself nodding all the way through.

Now, if I only remember all the tips as I go through my workdays.

Rating: ***

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