Movie Review: Jeff, Who Lives At Home

A slow and comfortable movie.

There are no guns, no bombs, no fires. There is a scene with a Porsche out of control, but not as a cliffhanger, but as comic relief.

Jeff (Jason Segel) is a thirty-year-old pot smoker who lives in his mom’s basement. He doesn’t have girl friends, he doesn’t have a job, and there is nothing much for him to do. His mom (Susan Sarandon) calls him at home and tells him to go to Home Depot and buy some wood glue. In shorts and a hoodie, he walks to the bus stop, and never quite gets to the store. He runs into his brother Pat (Ed Helms) who is going through early-life crisis, just bought a Porsche against his wife’s will, and suspects his wife is having an affair. Not a good day. Karma and coincidences wash all the family members up on a bridge at the end, where the contrived plot resolves all conflicts – probably for another day.

The movie goes on about Jeff, a feel-good, karma-and-destiny kind of guy, and Pat, a neurotic I-know-it-all kind of guy, and their mom, a cubicle worker who gets flirty instant messages on her computer from a secret admirer.

For an hour and twenty-three minutes this movie meanders, accompanied by soporific music that never quite changes tempo, making a boring and pointless story even more sleepy.

Ok, it’s not a bad movie.

It’s just “cute.”

Rating: **

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