Population Growth, Religion and Economics

Do you want to know if religion has impact on population growth?

Do you want to know if the number of children per woman has changed in the world over the last few decades?

Are we breeding out of control?

Is our population going to grow beyond 7 billion?

Are we facing a population disaster?

One of the most enlightening speeches on the subject I have ever seen is by Hans Rosling. It’s 13 and a half minutes well spent. I promise.

One thought on “Population Growth, Religion and Economics

  1. Good talk extrapolating trends since the 60’s. The data illustrations were fantastic–that’s some killer software. Unfortunately, just because the current trends suggests we will make it to 10 billion (or even top off at 10 billion) doesn’t mean that’s going to happen. A lot of changes would need to take place for the Earth to be able to support 10 billion people. Hopefully humanity can make those changes.

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