Police Escorts High Speed Luxury Convoy

When you and I drive a bit too fast, we get pulled over, we get a lecture, and we pay a fine. If somebody with enough money to buy a Maserati wants to drive fast, he asks the state police to escort him.

A few state police officers in New Jersey seem to have made some very bad judgment calls when they decided to escort a convoy of luxury sports cars, including a Fort GT40, Porsches, Ferraris and more along the Garden State Parkway to Atlantic City. The convoy was weaving through traffic at speeds of over 100 miles per hour at times, all the while escorted and led by state troopers with lights flashing.

It looks like a police sponsored high-speed race in the middle of everyday traffic.

Two state troopers have been suspended over allegations they provided an unauthorized escort to a group of sports cars.

The Star-Ledger newspaper said witnesses had complained to police about the caravan — which one witness dubbed “Death Race 2012” — saying they saw patrol cars with emergency lights flashing at the front and rear of the sports cars.

The article in this link on MSNBC has a video worth watching. It takes you right into the middle of the scene to witness the action. The guys videotaping aren’t holding back their astonishment and excitement.

One thought on “Police Escorts High Speed Luxury Convoy

  1. Eric Petrie

    This was one wild ride! I can believe this kind of thing happens, but the cop who let himself be video-taped leading the race is both corrupt and stupid.

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