I Don’t “Get” Pinterest

I read today that Experian rep Matt Tatham says Pinterest beat its next-closest competitor, LinkedIn, in total visits in February. Tatham says the rankings by total visits for March is as follows:

  • 1. Facebook: 7 billion
  • 2. Twitter: 182 million
  • 3. Pinterest: 104 million
  • 4. LinkedIn: 86 million
  • 5. Tagged: 72 million
  • 6. Google+: 61 million

This would indicate that LinkedIn and Pinterest are competitors? What?

That be like saying a car and a canoe are competitors, because  they both transport people. The only thing I can see that LinkedIn and Pinterest have in common is that they both use websites to give people access to information.

So I clicked over into Pinterest and took another look. I scrolled around randomly and found absolutley nothing I was interested in – or Pinterested, if you will. Almost all the posters are women, and it’s all about touchy-feely stuff, and weddings, food, dates, animals, all things I don’t relate to in the least.

Then I clicked on one randomly. See the item below. There is one big picture of blossoms in Japan. Cool. Then there are 64 women, and not a single man, that put comments below. Read some of the comments.

Amazing, Amazing Beauty, Beautiful, I want to get married there, Stunning, I want to go there, Wow, Awesome, So Beautiful, Wow Beautiful, etc.

Who reads this stuff? Does anybody actually scroll down and real all that drivel that hundreds of people post below random images?

It looks like a timewaster of gigantic proportions.

I am sure I am missing something, but for now I find no reason to ever go back to Pinterest.

Sample visit to Pinterest:

Kawachi Fuji Garden in Japan                   

Thumbnail of Brittanie BerryBrittanie Berry Absolutely Amazing
Thumbnail of Amanie AiyashAmanie Aiyash i want to get married under here!
Thumbnail of Ranel Lacy-ulmanRanel Lacy-ulman luv it
Thumbnail of MarilynMarilyn Amazing beauty
Thumbnail of Brandi BurnettBrandi Burnett beautiful
Thumbnail of Kathleen CookKathleen Cook So amazingly lovely!
Thumbnail of Kathy LeemingKathy Leeming Beautiful…..
Thumbnail of Sophie Outhwaite ManleySophie Outhwaite Manley Oh my. I have no words. Poetic. Beautiful. And that is an understatement.
Thumbnail of Katy PegorschKaty Pegorsch Can you just imagine what it will look like when the petals start to fall?! Like it is raining flowers 🙂
Thumbnail of Danielle SeymourDanielle Seymour This looks like home.
Thumbnail of Kathrine WaterhouseKathrine Waterhouse This looks unbelievable! So beautiful
Thumbnail of Taryn LegvoldTaryn Legvold One day…
Thumbnail of Kathy MalphrusKathy Malphrus Just takes your breath away!
Thumbnail of Rebecca Woelfel LaurienRebecca Woelfel Laurien Definitely adding this to my “travel to” list!
Thumbnail of Nadia BoudreauNadia Boudreau wonder if there are a lot of bees?
Thumbnail of Carmen MorgadoCarmen Morgado Omg!!! Stunning and I bet the smell is out of this world!
Thumbnail of Nicole SingletonNicole Singleton Good Gravy!!! @Brenda Ewing if this place is real you NEEEEEEED to plan a trip there in the spring and take about a MILLION pics!!!!
Thumbnail of Danielle LovettDanielle Lovett Absolutely Gorgeous
Thumbnail of Heather CheneyHeather Cheney This is amazing!!!
Thumbnail of Elizabeth KurtElizabeth Kurt Is this real? Looks like a painting! So beautiful
Thumbnail of Lisa ReeseLisa Reese Beautiful
Thumbnail of Ceit WoodwardCeit Woodward Wisteria… beautiful.
Thumbnail of Fangru ZhouFangru Zhou Amazing. Wish I can go there someday.
Thumbnail of Linda LeMarrLinda LeMarr really beautiful
Thumbnail of Sharon CravenSharon Craven Amazing!
Thumbnail of Sharon CravenSharon Craven Amazing!
Thumbnail of Teresa KingTeresa King So Beautiful
Thumbnail of Kareem OsterhagenKareem Osterhagen This is why Japan is awesome.
Thumbnail of Kimberly MiljatovicKimberly Miljatovic Stunning!
Thumbnail of Angie SaboldAngie Sabold Wow, don’t think I would ever leave this place.
Thumbnail of Ayadirys CabreraAyadirys Cabrera Breathtaking!!
Thumbnail of Angela HowardAngela Howard Beautiful!!! I want to go,but i’ll take extra Claritin
Thumbnail of Stephni ChavezStephni Chavez Breathtaking!
Thumbnail of Jennifer TolbertJennifer Tolbert It’s like another planet
Thumbnail of LeAnn MorrisLeAnn Morris Very cool
Thumbnail of Sandy FloydSandy Floyd STUNNING111
Thumbnail of Rebecca FitzpatrickRebecca Fitzpatrick How  beautiful!
Thumbnail of Sandy FloydSandy Floyd STUNNING!!!
Thumbnail of Yoko ShirowakeYoko Shirowake first looking such a fantastic fuji-dana!!
Thumbnail of Patti-Jean ChurchillPatti-Jean Churchill WoW!!
Thumbnail of Lesa JowelsLesa Jowels How beautiful
Thumbnail of Bonnie Balko-alexanderBonnie Balko-alexander wow  makes you truly believe in God
Thumbnail of Akelei SchnyderAkelei Schnyder Wordless
Thumbnail of Paula Morgan McglothinPaula Morgan Mcglothin Are you sure that’s real? Wow!
Thumbnail of Lisa NgLisa Ng Stunning! That would be a wonder place to have wedding.
Thumbnail of Katie MorrisKatie Morris Beautiful!!! Would love to visit this place someday!!!!
Thumbnail of Shelly WaldenShelly Walden My Mother Would Have Loved This!
Thumbnail of Pamela TrudelPamela Trudel Purple for Lizard
Thumbnail of Sue M JueSue M Jue I want to go! This is amazing!
Thumbnail of Lori WesselLori Wessel Breathtaking ….
Thumbnail of Jen WardJen Ward I want to be there!
Thumbnail of Peg Gentille OwensPeg Gentille Owens Omg so love this!
Thumbnail of Laura GarciaLaura Garcia Wow! Beautiful!
Thumbnail of Maureen HicksonMaureen Hickson so beautiful!
Thumbnail of Kim ChairezKim Chairez Beautiful
Thumbnail of J.B. Pollock BirdtJ.B. Pollock Birdt What city?
Thumbnail of Kristi MossKristi Moss Wow! Beautiful!!
Thumbnail of Carol GutierrezCarol Gutierrez I want to go there
Thumbnail of Katrine AastrømKatrine Aastrøm Wow I want to go there!
Thumbnail of Mackenzie Straub SmithMackenzie Straub Smith Love…
Thumbnail of Stephanie ShearouseStephanie Shearouse Beautiful
Thumbnail of Lisa WilsonLisa Wilson wow awesome
Thumbnail of Lisa Robles- FernandezLisa Robles- Fernandez Gorgeous!
Thumbnail of Tim WilliamsTim Williams WOW
Thumbnail of Jenna WhiteJenna White I want to take pics here!!!!!

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