Car Keys Hang Over Your Knee?

Being a road warrior, I rent a lot of cars. I drive all kinds of different cars, maybe 50 or 60 different ones in a year. I can’t tell you how many cars are designed so the car key chains dangle over my knees.

Rental cars have remote FOBs, sometimes even a second key, and always the rental car tag, attached to the keys. I can’t remove them, like I could with my own car.

I find it utterly distracting and hugely annoying to have my knee constantly tickled by a bunch of junk hanging from the car key in the ignition.

Do the engineers that design car dashboards actually ever drive their cars?

With rental cars I am stuck.

But I will absolutely refuse to buy a car where this happens, and this pesky little problem therefore rules out a lot of cars by American car companies.

Go figure.

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