Fire Alarms at Embassy Suites

On Sunday night I arrived at the Embassy Suites in Tyscons Corner, Virginia at 1:00am. I was  asleep at 2:00am, poised to get up at 6:00am.

At 3:00am the fire alarm went off. Ten minutes later I was standing in the cold Virginia night outside the hotel with hundreds of others huddled in sweats and blankets.

Then I traveled to Syracuse, New York, and stayed again at the Embassy Suites. On Tuesday, morning at 8:00am, the fire alarm went off. I quietly put on my suit and tie, grabbed by bag and walked past befuddled people in the parking lot to my car to go to work.

On Thursday morning at 5:00am, with my alarm set for 6:00am, the fire alarm went off. This time I just sat up in bed and waited for 10 minutes until it stopped. Fire engines outside the hotel, firemen milling about. That was the end of this night. Time for breakfast.

What are the odds of hitting three fire alarms in four nights in two different hotels?

Is it Embassy Suites?

Is it me?

I will be staying at an Embassy Suites tonight in Dallas. I can hardly wait.

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