Price of Gas

What a difference three years makes. The pundits all say that gas was less than two dollars when Obama took office. That seems impossible, when I drive by my gas station every day and I read $4.37 for the cheapest grade.

Less than two dollars?

Then I checked Consumer Reports:

My memory is selective.

This almost looks like an optical illusion. Were my gas prices in California really $2.10 when Obama took office, less than half of what they are now?

This is NOT GOOD. Obama and Chu better wake up!


One thought on “Price of Gas

  1. We need regulations on the speculators on Wall street who keep driving up the cost while making a fortune. Of course the Republicans keep blocking any regulatory measures of Wall street, saying we can’t do that – no finacial regulations….( free neterprise) It is also an elction year, and I predict the price to rise furthur this summer and will hear it is all Obama’s fault. No the the speculators who play to win on the price of gas – and DO…
    This is not supply and demand – right now there is a large surplus of crude oil.
    This is price gouging, and of course again; there are no price gouging legislation or laws because of the same ideals of the GOP – this is a free enterprise, capitalist society, that does not are about the average American..
    We need Obama to stay and be able to push through financial and anti-gouging legislation. But we also need a congress who is actually working for the people and the betterment of the country. Not these fancy rich politicos whos only care are their partisan politics. I’m tired of the right and left basis of politics, we elect them to work for us…. for us for our good and well being.

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