How Long Does It Take to Read Ulysses

WordPress gives me a daily list of the search terms people used to find this blog. Sometimes they are hilarious. Sometimes revealing. Sometimes they crack me up.

Besides Sarah Fluke being very popular these days,

Question: how long does it take to read ulysses?

Answer: Several Lifetimes. One preferrably as an incarnation of a college professor in English.

Read my previous entries about that and the various comments with it. Ulysses is on my Kindle any time I want it, but I don’t get the urge very often. Ulysses has been waiting for 38 years now. A few more years won’t matter now.

I Can’t Read Ulysses

I Can’t Read Ulysses – Take Two

Greatest Novels in the English Language – It does not help that Ulysses is the #1 slot on the board choices. Rubbing it in?

2 thoughts on “How Long Does It Take to Read Ulysses

  1. Haha. I have a bazillion books on my To Read pile so I don’t have enough time for a book of this length. Seriously. I’ll gain enjoyment from other normal-sized reads.

  2. Eric Petrie

    Norbert–I like the new style of the Blog page. Beautiful pears, very warm and sunny in a morning kind of way.

    You are going to become “famous” in the Google way for your mighty struggles to finish _Ulysses_, to get out of the sea of words and bring it home!

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