Bottled Water

According to Consumer Reports, nearly half of all bottled water produced in the U.S. is purified tap water. It does not come from any mountain stream, regardless of what the label looks like. Getting a filter for your home kitchen tap is as good as buying that tray of water bottles at Costco.

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  1. devin

    You have a good point, and bottled water really isn’t all that good. A lot of it is filtered tap water, but the quality is much better than buying a home filter for the tap. What a home faucet filter does is remove much of the copper and lead collected from the pipe systems. Lots of the bottled water is treated with reverse osmosis earlier down the line before it collects the contaminants it would before it reaches the home tap. The downside is you pay a lot for bottled water trays from costco.

    You should check out Palomar Mountain Spring Water. Their water that is better than most, and you can even order it in the 5 gallon jugs delivered to your door.

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