More Criticism of Kindle Books

I just finished reading Agent to the Stars by John Scalzi, a book that was released in hardcopy in 1999 and obviously had to be converted to Kindle e-book format to be sold on Kindle. I paid $7.99 for this book.

There is one problem with the Kindle edition: It’s full of crappy editing – or I don’t know what you call it when words come out like this:

No off ense

par tic u lar

eve ning

ban dage

off ensive

mea sures

pro cessed

offthe tub

per for mance

ner vous

I found dozens of these. These are not the author’s fault. These are the fault of the people who make regular books into e-books. Does anyone not READ THIS STUFF before they sell it? I am offended that I paid $7.99 to get this e-book – and Amazon does not even bother to have one single human being read this first before unleashing it on its customers. My WordPress spell checker caught every one of these. It’s not like it would take a long time to go over a book and correct such obvious mistakes. I could do it for this book of several hundred pages in probably an hour.

Amazon – it’s insulting that this happens. I tried to figure out on your website how to complain about this but you don’t make that easy, either.

It’s time for some competition for Amazon. This is lousy publishing quality, and it can only happen because of Amazon’s virtual monopoly.

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