Stephen King, Time Travel and Maui Trade Winds

I was on an airplane home from Florida last week. People were still getting on board, when I saw an article in the USA Today paper about Stephen King’s new book 11/22/63. The review said it was excellent, vintage Stephen King, and it was about time travel back to 1963 to prevent the assassination of John F. Kennedy.

Well, I can’t pass by a time travel book, and I can seldom pass by a Stephen King book.

I turned on my Kindle, turned on wireless, found the book and bought it, all in – I swear – less than 60 seconds. I put aside (in the Kindle this is easy) Evolution by Stephen Baxter for later, and started reading 11/22/63.

Since it’s a book of 850 pages in hardcopy, it will be a while before I am done. Great reading with the Maui trade winds blowing through my hair.

What hair?

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