Orson Scott Card for Obama


Orson Scott Card is a Mormon and staunch conservative.

Yet Orson Scott Card is contemplating voting for Obama because he can’t align himself with any of the clowns coming forward from the Republican party. To quote:

We need a president for the whole country, not rigid ideologues like Obama and most of the Republicans vying to run against him. The extreme wings of both parties believe such an absurd mishmash of mutually contradictory dogmas, and are so vicious to anyone who does not join in their insanity, that I shudder to contemplate the future of our country if anyof them wins.

At least Obama has learned how to compromise — grudgingly, petulantly, like a toddler deprived of a toy, but he has learned to comply with reality now and then. Better the clown we have than the clowns piling out of the teeny-tiny car.

Clowns piling out of the teeny-tiny car is exactly what I have been picturing when gazing at the Republican field. Does the Republican party have a death wish? Isn’t there a conservative politician in the country who is willing to step forward and lead?

Nutcases, all.

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