Movie Review: The Resident

Hilary Swank plays an emergency room doctor in New York City who just broke up with her boyfriend and moves into a new old apartment. She gets enamored with the landlord who, as it turns out, is not quite the nice guy he looks to be at the beginning.

This is a light horror thriller built of every cliché I can think of, supported by shaky camera work, horror thriller musical score and strange flashbacks that are supposed to tell the story where the movie itself doesn’t manage to do its job.

There were several times where I was close to walking away and giving up, but it was so bad it got good at the end, when the good doctor quite literally nailed the bad guy – with a nail gun.

There was a minor role for Christopher Lee, but it didn’t help. Hilary Swank was the executive producer of this movie, but unfortunately, it was way below her caliber as an actress.

You can’t win them all.

Rating: *

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