Who Left the National Debt?

In 2000, as Clinton left office, we had a trillion-dollar surplus, and we were on track to pay off the national debt by 2009. Those were the days when the debt clock was removed from Times Square. That was after eight years of a Democratic administration.

Bush came along and started spending money. He cut taxes. He started two wars without any plan of paying for them and hiding the expenses. In 2008, the economy was on the verge of total collapse. The surplus was gone. Spending was larger than ever. The national debt was at $10 trillion and growing faster than ever before. The bailout of the banks, close to a trillion dollars, was initiated by Bush.

Obama comes into office. In an effort to get the economy going again, the spends money to stimulate the economy and get people back to work. It works, a little. We did not crash. We now have $14 trillion in debt, and it is still rising.

We have forgotten how much of the burden we are carrying was placed on us by the previous administration, and we blame Obama for all of it. The current administration always has to carry that burden, justified or not.

It sure looks like Republican administrations keep piling up the debt, and Democratic ones have to dig out. Looking back to Reagan, this holds true.

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