Tour of the International Space Station

The Inside Look. Turn the volume down so you don’t have to listen to the stupid music. It goes down to bearable levels after about 2:30 minutes.

After being fascinated, I glanced at the youtube comments below the video and discovered that 99% of the comments are asinine, moronic, ignorant, puerile, boorish and bigotrish (where I had to make up this adjective to get “le mot juste”).


4 thoughts on “Tour of the International Space Station

  1. Eric Petrie

    Great adjectives, Norbert! I love “bigotrish”–it has an echo of “trash” and “trigger-happy” in my head. Since language is a living thing, you may have just birthed a new word. OED, here you come.

    As for the comments below a YouTube video: I strongly warn you against reading comment strings on easy access sites. They threaten democracy by making the anonymous American look like an ass, a moron, a boor and a bigot (to use a few of your terms).

    The best I can say: just as internet anonymity encourages uncivil behavior (as you wrote below), it encourages stupidity. Face to face, would these people show a more intelligent side?

    1. Makes me not want to ever comment, lest I associate and equate myself with the people there. The urge to take a shower after reading a few comments arises. It’s kind of like going to a strip club, when I was young enough to be interested in what was going on there. I’d be there and think I really didn’t want to be in a place where people like those were – people like me. Leave soon and take a shower.

  2. Chelsea

    Look at any You Tube video and the comments are ALWAYS like that for some reason. Nobody posts “real” comments because everyone knows they will get lost amongst the stupid ones.

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