Movie Review: Source Code

Source Code has a 90% ratings on Rotten Tomatoes and got three and a half stars by Ebert. That would signal a good movie. To top it off, it has a time-distortion theme and it is science fiction, so I should be thrilled and enthusiastic.

Forget the science and logic. I know, as Ebert says, we accept star ships and faster than light travel in science fiction, why not accept the science that allows dumping of the contents of  the last minutes from the brain of a person who died, like a computer dump, so another person can run through the same thing over and over again – and then eventually change the sequence of events that has actually occurred. The concepts are so convoluted, so inconsistent and so unfounded in any base of experience, science fiction or otherwise, that it left me flat out bewildered and even bored.

I stayed with the movie to the end, hoping that it would fit together eventually, but it never did. Why was Colter in that capsule that he imagined? I kept looking for the end to tie it all together, but I was left stranded. The movie is like a kaleidoscope of different colors, spinning randomly and making different images, never making sense, just going on until the very end. I got up and walked out and it still didn’t make any sense.

Confusing, boring and pointless.

Rating: *

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