Backcountry Trails Program is a Go

Email from the manager of  the Backcountry Trails Program to its participants:


GOOD NEWS!!!!  We have received ALL of the information we needed and the 2011 Backcountry Trails Season is a go!  Wheeeeewwww!  It was dicey there for a little while and I know we all lost a lot of sleep and weight wondering what was going to happen. 

We want to extend a huge, gigantic thank you to you all for your continued, and unrelenting well-wishes, support, understanding and desire to have this wonderful experience!  It paid off big time and we now officially are able to go forward with the season. 

The only change, as stated in our last email, is that we have pushed the start date back a week to 4/24/11.  Read carefully the information below….

Cooler heads prevailed. Faith in my country and its priorities has just gone up.

I’ll miss being able to send Text Messages to Devin, though.

I’ll miss him, but it will be a good miss.

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