Today the Cassettes Went

Today the music cassettes went into the trash.

Back in 1978 or so I started buying cassettes to listen to while driving. I had sets of Bach, Beethoven and Mozart. I had Bob Dylan, John Denver, Pink Floyd and many other popular artists.

I also subscribed to Earl Nightingale’s “Insight” audio magazine around 1987 and received the subscription until  Earl Nightingale passed away in 1989. It was a monthly cassette. On one side Earl recorded motivational snippets, the second side was an  introduction to another Nightingale Conant published author and speaker. For the 1980 period, a brilliant marketing approach. There was no Internet where you could buy and listen to online.

When I listened to Insight in later years, the exact moment where I was walking or driving when I listened to it for the first time would come back to me like a vivid memory. I loved the Insight program by Earl, and it was never the same after he was gone.

But all those cassettes, now over 30, some of them 40 years old were no longer working so well now. They dragged, they were slow, and for the most part, they were in boxes and every time I moved, I moved them with me.

We’re moving house this weekend, and the boxes of cassettes finally went into the trash. It was time.

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